A Second Opinion for Prostate Cancer

Seek an expert second opinion when making the decision about cancer treatment

A cancer diagnosis is a serious matter requiring a lot of thought. It can also be even more burdensome on many patients who are basing their cancer treatment selection on one doctor’s opinion. Although the experts at Anova Cancer Care are global leaders in treating prostate cancer with CyberKnife radiosurgery, we understand that there are other treatment methods and that our patients may want a second opinion before committing to one.

At Anova Cancer Care, we recommend that patients seek a second opinion. Why rush this huge and important decision of prostate cancer treatment? Instead, take the time get another opinion. It can give you the most confidence that you’ve made the best choice for your health.

Our partner practice, Urology Associates, offers both in-person and online second opinions for prostate cancer patients. The physicians at Urology Associates review each request and provide an expert opinion via phone or email or in the office, depending on your preference.

In order to complete the second opinion request online, please have the following information on hand. Otherwise fill out as much information as possible and we’ll contact you with further details.

  • Most recent lab report
    • Date of biopsy
    • PSA value
    • Gleason score
    • Number of biopsies taken
    • Percentage of involvement in each biopsy
    • Prostate size
  • Abnormalities noted during digital rectum exam

For peace of mind and a full understanding of treatments available to you, please reach out to us for your free second opinion review.

Request a Second Opinion

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