Patient Testimonials

Dr. James Erlich’s Story



“The care provided between Dr. Bell at UA and Anova Care were excellent. The coordination between the two offices was seamless. Hearing the diagnosis of cancer was a shock. Dr. Bell spent time with my wife and I explaining the disease and all treatment options. He was completely honest and we left that meeting feeling like we had more than enough information to make our choice. We choose CyberKnife at Anova Care. Again, Anova was excellent at calming my fears and explaining the treatment process in detail. The staff at both offices are caring, friendly and very good at their jobs.

It is a little intimidating to be told you have cancer. Both UA and Anova Care made this process easier than I expected. Thank You to all involved in my care. If you’re not sure what to do if you have been given the diagnosis of prostate cancer, call them. I’m very glad I did.”


Originally posted to the Patient Satisfaction Survey

Mike Hobb’s Story


“[The doctor] and his staff are outstanding. I drove 2,000 miles to consult with and be treated by him. Everything about him is the real deal. He spent a lot of time with us pre and post treatment. I would recommend him to anyone that needs cancer treatment.”

Lem N.

Originally posted to the Patient Satisfaction Survey


Joe’s Story


“If a man wants to treat his prostate cancer, he needs to explore the option of CyberKnife, as there are very few therapies that will actually treat the cancer without lowering your quality of life.”

AnonymousOriginally posted as a Patient Story


“Everything about [Anova] was top of the line. They are personable, caring and professional. I had tests at the Swedish Hospital and someone from the office was there overseeing the scans which made me feel good. The hospital was great. I feel the doctor had a positive outlook in curing my prostrate cancer. I walked away feeling confident that we made the right choice to go to Anova Care. I can not thank you enough.”

Leonard H.Originally posted to the Patient Satisfaction Survey


“He saved my life. He can save yours too. There are a lot of options for treatment of your prostate cancer. You owe it to yourself and your family to select [Anova’s doctor] as your only choice. He uses the most advanced technology, has the highest success statistics, the most caring compassionate staff and I’ve experienced minimal side effects. My previous doctor at Kaiser never even told me about CyberKnife and had me on ‘active watchful waiting’ as the cancer slowly grew in my body. I hope you will be an advocate for your own health as I had to be and make an appointment with him today.”



“This has been Carls’ best experience with any cancer doctor he has seen… we found Anova Cancer Care on the computer & sent Carls med records to them and they said they believe [they] could help. The doctor showed that he cares and made a fast acting plan for treatment and followed the schedule & within 10 weeks Carl has been treated & is now seeing a transplant team. Everyone in [Anova’s] office works as a team with one goal in mind & that is how [they] can help you fast & as one big heart that cares. I used to think there was no place like home till I got treated at Anova Cancer Care. I want to thank you all again.”



“The doctor and his nurse, Briggett, are incredible people. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and genuine.”

Gerald B. Originally posted to the Patient Satisfaction Survey


“A very simple way of saying this is, what else could a patient ask for? [Anova’s doctor] is the best of the best. His communication skills are outstanding. When you put your very life in someone’s hands, he or she had better be darn good! He is that good. A true “Top Gun!” For this prostate patient Urology Associates and ANOVA have been a outstanding experience. The staff at ANOVA is a mirror image: highly trained in their skills and very compassionate with their patients…Each and every one of the staff have an outstanding set credentials. It is so exciting to know that greater Denver is the home of the best cancer team, of their kind, in the country. Way to go ANOVA!”


Originally posted to the Patient Satisfaction Survey


“My sexual function is actually better after the radiation treatment than before and my significant other rates me at 10+.”

Anonymous Originally shared via email to Anova


“If you ignore the reason you have to be at CyberKnife in the first place for a minute and focus on the business itself, you will be amazed at what these guys can do and how they treat their patients.

“My wife has gone through three separate treatments at this facility for a rare cancer. In fact, she may be the only one in the world that receives CyberKnife (CK) treatment for her type of cancer. The reason for that is the doctor is willing to explore the possibilities of using this amazing technology for non-traditional applications. He and his staff go the extra mile every time to make sure they apply the CK treatment accurately so as to achieve the best results. So far this treatment has been the only thing that has helped my wife and for that I am grateful. I don’t think many other Drs. would have stuck their neck on the line for a patient. If you have cancer and your doctor has told you there is no hope, talk to these guys and get a second opinion. It could work for you.”

M. E.


“The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. The doctor is very up front and makes you feel at ease with your prognosis.”



“Treatment sessions were easy, especially with the right music.”



“You helped us make the best of an unpleasant and stressful time. Thank you.”

Anova patient, 2014


“Everything was incredibly well done. I really knew that everyone at Anova had my best interests at heart.”



“Everything was very well done. Excellent staff – friendly, accommodating, and very professional.”



“Everything was great. Thank you for treating us/patients so well and making a not so exciting treatment almost pleasurable!”



“The whole experience went very well. Very impressed – very comfortable but very professional.”

Anova patient, 2014


“Made us feel comfortable and positive during a stressful time.”



“Everything was great! Treatments were comfortable and painless. Staff was very helpful – overall a great experience.”

Steve K.


“Very friendly and helpful staff. All staff seemed very professional and competent.”

Anova patient, 2014


“Everything was explained in advance with clarity and all questions were answered.”



“I was very pleased with everything and everyone. I do not feel there is anything Anova could improve upon. I was so impressed, that I never dreamed this treatment would be like this.”

Anova patient, 2013


“I was very comfortable and satisfied with all aspects of my treatment. I will recommend your services to others.”



“Start to finish, first class. The place is spotless. Just a great treatment facility.”



“Anova made me feel comfortable and informed.”



“I was assured that this was a safe and effective procedure. Anova helped remove fears that I might have had.”

Anova patient, 2013


“Outstanding friendliness of staff as well as professionalism.”



“Made me feel comfortable at every turn. Timely, informative, fantastic health care provider.”


“They were friendly, understanding and informative at every visit and treatment. As a patient I could not have had better service. I am recommending Anova Cancer Care to all my family and friends. The best care and treatment ever experienced. Keep it up!”


“The experience was above and beyond anything I was expecting…I can not think of one area that could be improved. Mark was just outstanding!!”



“Everything went well and I was well treated by the staff. I would recommend it.”



“Anova did everything well. I wish all ‘professionals’ were as professional as you guys.”



“Anova did everything well. The staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Very compassionate to patient needs. Appointments were always on time and you were always there to help.”



“You were always willing to answer all my questions and in a manner that I could understand.”

Anova patient, 2013


“The whole staff made the experience very non-threatening and comfortable.”



“My appointments were always timely. You were never late.”

Anova patient, 2013


“I was scared. The friendliness of the staff changed that. Everyone made me comfortable.”



“Everyone was excellent throughout the whole deal, especially Lynn!”

Anova patient, 2013


“You made it much easier than I expected. Exceeded my expectations!”



“You made a difficult time very easy and comfortable.”



“The doctors and staff were extremely patient and helpful. They took whatever time needed until I was completely comfortable and all questions answered. Clear and concise with expectations and more important were right on the money.”



“Highly professional. Excellent explanation of technology and treatment. Everyone was super kind and helpful. I was treated friendly and kindly all the way through. I never felt like I was an ill person. I felt like I was a friend receiving help from other friends.”



“Resolved issue with my insurance provider to make sure I was approved. Very professional, the right treatment for me, thank you very much!”

Anova patient, 2012


“First class patient help and support through entire process. On time every time. Very helpful.”



“The staff were all very, very good. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your excellent care.”



“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent care I received the last couple of weeks for the treatment of my prostate cancer. From the time I first contacted your office for my consultation visit until my last treatment, I have always felt I was in the best hands possible. You and your staff are to be commended not only for your professional attitude and the treatment protocol provided at your office, but for great doctor/patient relations you practice there as well. Frankly, it was refreshing to meet a group of medical professionals that interacted with me to meet my medical needs, and also (for lack of better wording) made me feel at home during each of my visits. While my experience with your office has been a short one, it has most certainly been a positive one. I look forward to seeing you during my follow-up visits, and again thank you for the outstanding care you provided me.”



“Always available quickly. Friendly and helpful. The environment is great. I like that it is not like a clinic. Communication was always open. You listened.”

Anova patient, 2012


“Everyone was so friendly, especially Angela. I felt very comfortable. Very easy to talk to, never made me feel stupid. You are the best. I would certainly recommend you to anyone! Mark and Terri are super too! So glad I found you.”

Anova patient, 2012


“You jumped through hoops to take care of me, given my circumstances. Will always appreciate what all of you have done. Thanks for caring, thanks for taking care of me.”

Anova patient, 2012


“The positive attitude of the entire staff is very encouraging, exactly what is needed.”