How His Wife and CyberKnife Cured Bob’s Prostate Cancer

This couple looked desperately for an alternative prostate cancer treatment and found their answer at Anova, a story Bob tells here in his own words.

Anova Cancer Care Prostate Cancer CyberKnifeMy name is Bob. I am a 59-year-old guy who is very active and in good physical condition. My wife Peggy is a registered nurse, and has always mandated that I have a prostate exam and a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test done annually. I credit her for saving my life.

My exam showed that my PSA number had doubled in two years. But I was without any symptoms, so I wouldn’t have ever thought about it, except for Peggy.

My father had prostate cancer at age 70. He experienced all the miserable side effects of treatment including incontinence and the sexual side effects associated with a total prostatectomy (prostate removal). He was never the same.

Needless to say, I was horrified to learn I needed a prostate biopsy. I kept thinking about my dad and those diapers. He was 70. Why me at age 59?

My urologist performed a digital rectal exam, reporting that the gland was smooth and had minimal, if any, enlargement. A biopsy was done and of the 12 cores, one was positive for cancer cells.

We were encouraged because we thought we would have time to wait and watch, but that proved not to be the case. Our urologist thought it best to send the sample for additional testing – genetic testing. We learned I had the aggressive form of prostate cancer and I was encouraged to seek treatment sooner, rather than later.

We were assigned to read the book A Guide To Surviving Prostate Cancer, by Dr. Patrick Walsh. We read this book cover to cover. I felt hopeless. I was sure I would end up just like my dad.

From hopeless, to hopeful, to healing

My wife, however, felt that anything in print was surely outdated and continued an exhausting search for any other viable options besides surgical total prostatectomy. She was horrified that very little progress had been made since her nursing experience with urology patients post-prostatectomy 30 years prior! Men were still in diapers and suffered issues with erections.

We cried and cried. There was one viable option with CyberKnife, but Peggy wanted more documented proof. We needed a cure!

We walked into my urologist’s office deciding on robotic prostatectomy removal and were shocked to hear that he wanted to talk us OUT of it. He thought CyberKnife would be a viable option in my case. He reported more recent numbers of solid success – documentation of eight years of clinical studies showing it had similar cure rates to surgery but without incontinence, impotence and ongoing post-op complications associated with the surgery.

Peggy and I felt encouraged.

We were directed to Anova Cancer Center. Peggy immediately called and requested more information. She wanted more recent, evidence-based studies and proof that patients were surviving prostate cancer with CyberKnife.

We set up our consult. The doctor was very genuine and accommodating. He was clearly passionate about his work. We had at least a million questions and he answered all of them. We made our decision – CyberKnife – and never looked back. No regrets.

I completed all five treatments and never missed a day of work. I did experience some fatigue with the 5th treatment and napped for 30-60 minutes daily for a week. Mild fatigue lasted another month. I was shocked to see my PSA dropped by 60 percent three months later.

I am thrilled I have no bladder or erection issues post-CyberKnife. I ski, mountain bike (using a modified bike seat), dirt bike, trail run and hike. This 59-year-old is going strong and I look forward to living the next 35 years.

My wife and I are so grateful to the doctor and his tireless devotion to patients at the Anova Cancer Center. His staff is kind and professional.

My life has been saved, the quality of my life has been preserved. My wife and I are grateful we chose CyberKnife.

— Bob & Peggy

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