Anxiety About Prostate Cancer Leads to CyberKnife Success

Our patient Dan tells in his own words why he came from New Mexico to Denver for CyberKnife treatment, and it was so simple and pain-free he felt a little guilty

Anova Cancer Care Patient - Dan Davidson

Note: My story about prostate cancer is one of success that I owe to the treatment I chose, CyberKnife radiosurgery. My message to others is that when you have prostate cancer, it’s important to find a treatment that works for you. I did and I’m all the better for it. Here’s my story.

When the doctor told me that I had prostate cancer my world changed. I was baffled. There was no history of prostate cancer in my family. My first thought was a depressing one. After seeing friends and family members pass away because of cancer, I was sure my fate was sealed.

The only options at the time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I live, were surgery or standard radiation. I truly wasn’t interested in either of those due to the recovery time and the side effects. After much discussion and research, my doctor and I both decided that CyberKnife radiosurgery was the best option.

There were two major challenges involved: 1.) I live in Santa Fe which was, at that time, far from CyberKnife treatment facilities and 2.) my insurance didn’t cover the treatment.

At first I went to another facility in Colorado and wasn’t happy with the prognosis. After doing some additional research, I found Anova Cancer Care’s website. The website offered a ton of information about the CyberKnife process, about why it’s good for prostate cancer, plus it had a ton of great patient stories and testimonials.

After my research, I filled out some information regarding my first visit. I was surprised when Anova’s doctor called me himself and wanted to learn more about my situation. I was even more surprised when he personally called my insurance company and fought for coverage of my CyberKnife treatments. The confident and caring staff took care of setting up all of the necessary procedures.

The CyberKnife experience: no pain, no suffering

The first step of the process involved driving to Denver for my consultation with Anova’s radiation oncologist. I also saw a urologist who placed markers in my body. The markers would ensure that the radiation would only be applied to my cancer and could avoid my healthy surrounding tissue. I drove back to Santa Fe.

The next time I returned to Denver, it was time for my CyberKnife treatment sessions. My wife traveled with me. I went through five sessions of CyberKnife radiation therapy, each session lasting about 30 minutes. CyberKnife is an easy treatment. All you hear is the sound of the machine.

“The procedure was so simple and pain-free that my wife and I spent our free time in Denver checking out the city, going to the zoo and doing some sightseeing. It was so nice to be able to spend my free time doing what I liked.”

I felt well prepared for the CyberKnife treatments. Anova’s website makes it very easy to go online and see the process, such as the CyberKnife machine and how it moves around your body to apply precise radiation. This alleviated many of my concerns and a lot of my nervousness, and I felt guilty afterwards when I experienced absolutely no pain and suffering.


At this point, I’m cancer-free and I’ve had only minor side effects that have seemed to subside.

I maintain my lifestyle, thanks to the CyberKnife treatment. I hike a lot, I lift weights. And the thing is that I could do these things right after having the procedure done. I wasn’t too tired or fatigued. I bounced back very quickly. If I would have done a normal radiation procedure, I’d probably be doing hormone replacement therapy for about two months, which can make you feel low and lose muscle mass, among other side effects.

I tell my story today to let others know how much Anova Cancer Care, its doctor and CyberKnife have helped me. The research also shows that although CyberKnife is a relatively new treatment, the outcomes look good. Now at 63 years old, I feel good. I don’t have any issues, and my sexual function is fine – thanks Anova Cancer Care!

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