Anova Marks 1,500th Prostate Cancer Patient Treated with the Accuray CyberKnife® System

CyberKnife System provides grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles and sons with precise radiation

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 16, 2017 – In honor of Father’s Day, Accuray Incorporated (NASDAQ: ARAY) joins Anova Cancer Care in recognizing the center’s commitment to providing the most advanced treatments available to men with prostate cancer, many of whom are fathers. The center, located in Lone Tree, Colorado, has treated its 1,500th prostate cancer patient using the CyberKnife® System—an advanced radiation therapy device designed to deliver stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). SBRT is a highly precise form of radiation therapy which maximizes dose to the tumor and minimizes dose to surrounding healthy tissue.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 161,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. It’s important for men to take action to improve their health, including learning about medical conditions which specifically impact them, like prostate cancer, and options for managing the disease. This Father’s Day, June 18, 2017, men and their families can learn about prostate cancer at rallies held by:

  • ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer
  • The Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN)

“Urology Associates offers a range of treatment options for prostate cancer, including the CyberKnife, which we administer on an out-patient basis at Anova Cancer Care. We partnered with Anova to offer our patients this option because we believe it effectively manages the cancer with considerably fewer side effects than traditional cancer treatments. With the CyberKnife System, we treat patients in 5 sessions and it’s less expensive for the patient and their insurance company. Most importantly, the system has provided quality outcomes for our patients.”

Stanley H. Galansky, MD, FACS, FAAP, Urologist at Urology Associates

The prostate gland can move unpredictably throughout the course of treatment because of normal patient bodily functions – such as filling of the bladder, gas in the bowel, or even patient movement during the procedure – making the ability to track, detect and correct for motion critically important. Unlike any other radiation treatment, the CyberKnife System continually tracks and automatically corrects the beam for movement of the prostate in real-time throughout the entire treatment session. Published data reinforce that CyberKnife prostate SBRT is effective, with minimal side effects and impact on quality of life during and after treatment, important considerations for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“Anova Cancer Care is a busy radiation therapy center, so it’s important that we have technology we trust to provide our patients with the best possible treatment option. We use the CyberKnife for prostate cancer because it offers distinct advantages when treating this disease, most notably it’s the only system available with the ability to track movement of the prostate and automatically adjust the radiation beam during treatment. The CyberKnife System’s accuracy is sub-millimeter, enabling my colleagues and me to treat the disease with unparalleled preservation of healthy tissue and provide substantial quality of life and lifestyle benefits to patients.”

Lee K. McNeely, M.D., Radiation Oncologist at Anova Cancer Care

Additional information about CyberKnife Prostate SBRT

Treatment with the CyberKnife System is non-invasive (no surgery involved) and is completed in 4-5 treatment sessions, over the course of one or two weeks. Conventional radiation therapy typically requires 30-40 treatment sessions, over the course of several weeks;

  • CyberKnife treatment accuracy is achievable without the need for invasive rectal balloons or spacers to spare the rectal wall;
  • The system can precisely target tumors and as a result, may provide a safe radiation treatment option even for some previously irradiated patients;
  • SBRT increases patient satisfaction by reducing discomfort and scheduling inconvenience versus conventional radiation treatments.

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“We commend Dr. McNeely and the Anova Cancer Care team on their dedication to improving the lives of their patients. We appreciate our continued partnership and are honored they have selected the CyberKnife technology to treat so many of their low- to intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients. The CyberKnife System is continuing to demonstrate its position as the radiation treatment of choice for more and more physicians and patients. It offers a convenient, non-invasive approach which precisely targets the prostate cancer with minimal disruption to patients’ daily lives.”

Joshua H. Levine, President and Chief Executive Officer of Accuray

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