Anova Makes Prostate Cancer News

Prostate Cancer News Today heralds our milestone of treating 1,500 prostate cancer patients with CyberKnife

Anova Cancer Care made prostate cancer news recently by treating 1,500 prostate cancer patients using the CyberKnife System. The CyberKnife radiation therapy device delivers an advanced form of high-dose radiation directly to the tumor to minimize damage to nearby healthy tissue. Anova uses CyberKnife, developed by Accuray, for prostate cancer because it offers distinct advantages, said Dr. Lee K. McNeely, radiation oncologist at Anova Cancer Care.prostate cancer news | Anova Cancer Care |Prostate Cancer News Today logo

Recent studies making prostate cancer news continue to show excellent results for prostate cancer treatment with CyberKnife. The robotic CyberKnife System was specifically developed to track the movement of the prostate automatically in real-time throughout the entire therapeutic procedure to allow for a noninvasive, more accurate and safe therapy. Treatment is typically completed within four or five sessions over the course of two weeks.

Accuray reports good feedback from patients due to the method’s convenience and reduced discomfort compared with conventional methods.

“The CyberKnife System is continuing to demonstrate its position as the radiation treatment of choice for more and more physicians and patients. It offers a convenient, noninvasive approach which precisely targets the prostate cancer with minimal disruption to patients’ daily lives,” said Joshua H. Levine, president and CEO of Accuray.

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