Insurer Closure Affects Our 1000th CyberKnife Patient

Colorado HealthOP folded, forcing 80,000 Coloradans to scramble for new health insurance, including Rick Heitman still undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

Rick Heitman and his wife Letha told Colorado Public Radio that they’re not happy they have to leave the health insurance cooperative. “I owe them [Anova Cancer Care] for taking care of me,” said Rick, who’s receiving treatment for aggressive prostate cancer. “They helped me at a time when I needed it a lot.”Colorado Public Radio logo horizontal

Letha handles their insurance, but signing up for insurance again when they hadn’t expected it is a considerable task. “Where do I begin?” she said, faced with the task of having to weigh the costs of new plans and figure out if Rick’s cancer doctor, his primary care doctor and his cancer center are part of an insurer’s network.

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