Prostate Cancer News Today heralds our milestone of treating 1,500 prostate cancer patients with CyberKnife

Anova Cancer Care made prostate cancer news recently by treating 1,500 prostate cancer patients using the CyberKnife System. The CyberKnife radiation therapy device delivers an advanced form of high-dose radiation directly to the tumor to minimize damage to nearby healthy tissue. Anova uses CyberKnife, developed by Accuray, for prostate cancer because it offers distinct advantages, said Dr. Lee K. McNeely, radiation oncologist at Anova Cancer Care.prostate cancer news | Anova Cancer Care |Prostate Cancer News Today logo

Recent studies making prostate cancer news continue to show excellent results for prostate cancer treatment with CyberKnife. The robotic CyberKnife System was specifically developed to track the movement of the prostate automatically in real-time throughout the entire therapeutic procedure to allow for a noninvasive, more accurate and safe therapy. Treatment is typically completed within four or five sessions over the course of two weeks.

Accuray reports good feedback from patients due to the method’s convenience and reduced discomfort compared with conventional methods.

“The CyberKnife System is continuing to demonstrate its position as the radiation treatment of choice for more and more physicians and patients. It offers a convenient, noninvasive approach which precisely targets the prostate cancer with minimal disruption to patients’ daily lives,” said Joshua H. Levine, president and CEO of Accuray.

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Colorado HealthOP folded, forcing 80,000 Coloradans to scramble for new health insurance, including Rick Heitman still undergoing prostate cancer treatment.

Rick Heitman and his wife Letha told Colorado Public Radio that they’re not happy they have to leave the health insurance cooperative. “I owe them [Anova Cancer Care] for taking care of me,” said Rick, who’s receiving treatment for aggressive prostate cancer. “They helped me at a time when I needed it a lot.”Colorado Public Radio logo horizontal

Letha handles their insurance, but signing up for insurance again when they hadn’t expected it is a considerable task. “Where do I begin?” she said, faced with the task of having to weigh the costs of new plans and figure out if Rick’s cancer doctor, his primary care doctor and his cancer center are part of an insurer’s network.

Read more about Rick’s journey as Anova’s 1000th prostate cancer patient treated with CyberKnife.

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Accuray Inc. announces practice milestone using its CyberKnife system.

Accuray RadiosurgeryAccuray, Inc., a radiation oncology company based in Sunnyvalle, California, recently announced that Anova Cancer Care has performed an impressive 1,000 prostate cancer treatments using the company’s CyberKnife system. CyberKnife is a robotically-controlled radiosurgery device that delivers extremely high doses of radiation to tumors with little to no side effects. It is an alternative or complimentary option to more traditional forms of cancer treatment including radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical techniques.

Rick H. from Denver, one of the 1,000 patients, was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and was featured in the release. “I lead a busy life, including owning a business, so when I learned it was a non-invasive approach which would precisely target my tumor, I knew it was the right choice for me,” said Rick.

Anova is Colorado’s only full-time CyberKnife practice and a world leader in prostate cancer treatment.

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Clinical trial demonstrates CyberKnife effectiveness for prostate cancer


A ZeroCancer news roundup highlights the latest clinical trial study following the Registry for Prostate Cancer Radiosurgery, launched in July 2010, which follows the overall treatment effectiveness of CyberKnife for prostate cancer. The Frontiers in Oncology study, which includes Anova Cancer Care patients, follows more than 2,700 men from 45 participating locations. The study reported that CyberKnife treatment was effective in treating prostate cancer as well as preserving sexual health with no significant side effects.

ZeroCancer news roundup

Frontiers in Oncology study

Anova doctors work to reduce insurance costs by proving CyberKnife treatment’s efficacy

Denver Business JournalWith all the recent changes taking place with regard to healthcare reform and cost, you might consider Anova Cancer Care the “poster child” for healthcare reform. Anova Cancer Care specializes in CyberKnife, a new radiosurgery procedure that uses targeted radiation to eradicate cancer cells. Since the procedure is new, there are many insurers who aren’t reimbursing individuals for this treatment.

Confident about CyberKnife success and how the technology can help cancer patients, Anova physicians worked diligently to make it available and cost efficient for patients.

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