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CyberKnife cancer treatment works & reduces side effects.

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We've treated 1,000+ prostate cancer patients & we're ready for more. CyberKnife works & reduces side effects.

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CyberKnife is non-invasive, virtually painless alternative to radiation & chemotherapy treatment


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CyberKnife's image-guided technology only operates where it needs to


Outpatient CyberKnife treatments get you out the door and back to normal faster

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Using the proven CyberKnife® technology, Anova Cancer Care can provide higher cancer cure rates at half the cost of other cancer treatments, plus cut recovery time to a fraction of traditional radiation therapy. Cyberknife is minimally invasive and simply a different way of delivering radiation therapy that is more accurate, preserves healthy tissue and offers a shorter course of treatment.

As one of the busiest CyberKnife® centers in the US, Anova Cancer Center treats patients from around the country. With patients traveling from New Mexico, Wisconsin, Texas and Nebraska, we work closely with each patient to develop an individualized plan that minimizes travel and work-related conflicts. Many patients only need five treatments.

As the only full-time CyberKnife® practice in the area, we’re here when you need us. At Anova, we live to cure cancer. Let us help you on your way back to your cancer-free life.

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"The doctor and his nurse, are both incredible people. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and genuine.”

- Gerald

“You helped us make the best of an unpleasant and stressful time. Thank you.”

- Anonymous

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